For the past twenty years we have focused on improving software quality for our clients, on both a functional and scalability basis. We have taken lessons learned over the past two decades for common performance antipatterns and converted those to rules that can be used to evaluate any web based application, commercial, open source, public facing or internal, for performance improvements on a very quick basis

John Calabrese

Founder & CEO

John has worked in the Performance Engineering discipline since 1996 helping his client's tune web and mobile websites for faster response times

James Pulley's Smile

James Pulley

Technical Advisor

Over the past decade James has answered over 10,000 questions on software performance engineering topics in public forums. He is a regular speaker at software quality assurance conferences and is also a podcast host for PerfBytes where he helps to educate the next generation of software professionals on performance engineering topics..

Teresa Fontanilla

Human Resources

LiteSquare is a NewCOE company