Improving your public image

Like it or not, first impressions are lasting. When your website is slow to respond that is often where your relationship with your potential donor, visitor, employee, supplier or other interested parties end. Website visitors' expectations have been set by the fastest of websites over the years, so as your response time goes beyond two-three seconds user frustration increases and abandonment follows."

We apply the same techniques for recommending changes to non commercial websites as we do to the commercial ones. We first review information that your web servers are already collecting to identify where your server is spending the majority of its time, then we make direct recommendations for changes to your web server, your hosting provider or CDN solution to improve performance.

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These recommendations are driven by the behavior of your visitors to your website, not based on a generic model of what "should be" done, but based upon direct observations on what is occurring today for 100% of your visitors whether those vistors are real users, automated agents or some kid away at college hacking away at your site and impacting response times

Don't ignore what your web tier is telling you about website performance. It is most likely the weakest link of your web architecture - and the easiest to improve!

A recent customer had no less than 5 monitoring tools for page load speed times, Real User Monitoring, Synthetic monitoring and 3 load test tools but their site was still poor performing. Why? Simply put - these tools cannot measure hidden transactions which caused the system to fail, BOT traffic impact, network pigs, poor offshore development, un-handled error codes, mis- configured cache settings etc...

We identify the blind spot in site performance that exiting monitoring and load testing solutions miss. And then we tell you how to fix it.