Shopping Cart Tuning

eCommerce survival in retail is derived from committing to innovation and exceeding customer expectations. LiteSquare offers the only Shopping Cart Tuning available on the market specifically designed to increase conversions.

How a website's shopping cart performs and the policies about how it manages data directly impact the performance of every user who visits your website. Small differences in where a website hands out a cart make for dramatic differences in end user response times. Poor cart implementation is common across the eCommerce industry, directly leading to website failures on high sales volume days.

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Items we examine:

  • Bot resource drain on cart system
  • Amount of resources allocated to converting and non converting users on your existing site
  • Cart physical architecture
  • Allocation Model & Recovery Model
  • Policies related to cart persistence, storage, session, size & aging
  • 100% of the request load, including those items missed by tools which require a "phone home" with a JavaScript add in

When a cart is allocated and how long cart information is retained directly impacts user performance. Allocating too early or holding on too long will affect response time on a negative basis for every user, reducing conversion rates

When reviewing cart architecture we look not only at the physical architecture of the eCommerce Shopping cart but also at the policies related to persistence, storage, session, size, aging and missed opportunities for conversion. Our recommendations are designed to explicitly improve the performance of the cart, reducing page response times and increasing sales conversions.

Don't ignore what your web tier is telling you about website performance. It is most likely the weakest link of your web architecture - and the easiest to improve!