ECommerce Spot Sales can crash even the largest eCommerce Websites

Spot sales are a key marketing initiative to increase site sales. Take a high demand product & make a small quantity available for a short period of time or until the product is sold out. The sudden arrival of potentially tens of thousands of people, including automated agents, within a short period creates distinct website performance engineering challenges.

We are intimately familiar with spot sale web performance engineering challenges. Our organization understands where to look in your system to measure how your system can be tuned without code changes or with slight code modifications to improve response time performance for every user, reducing the staggering resources required from the sudden traffic spike which occurs from the spot sale. How do we do this?

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  • Site Optimization via Web Server and CDN changes
  • eCommerce Shopping cart architecture recommendations
Racing for your spot sale

Kanye West has the distinct record of having caused two of his partners' websites to fail in a spot sales model, Adidas & Nike. While you may not have a product which has been designed by Kanye West to pull in sales, spot sales are designed to increase demand for a short period of time. It is not unusual to see traffic spike to five, ten, or even twenty times the normal volume for a short period of time. This creates a unique stress event on infrastructure often designed before the implementation of spot sales by a marketing department.

We'll help you migrate from spot sales as an "all hands" event to a solution which allows you to run spot sales with confidence that your website will perform

Don't ignore what your web tier is telling you about website performance. It is most likely the weakest link of your web architecture - and the easiest to improve!