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Splunk IT Service Intelligence is at the center of how we work at LiteSquare. We analyze machine data to identify patterns of behavior related to the configuration of your system. This provides an objective basis for any recommendations we make, for we can point directly to evidence in the logs of items which are configured poorly for performance.

We extend the capabilities of Splunk and improve the user experience for all of your web/mobile users

Splunk isJames Pulley, quite succinctly, the best tool we have used for getting actionable business intelligence out of system logs. - James Pulley, LiteSquare CTO

We are able to leverage Splunk either in-house or stand up a unique instance of Splunk just for the evaluation of your organization's log data. It's dashboard capabilities allow us to look at the output of standardized queries against access logs related to cache management, errors, where time is being spent in the system under evaluation, how many users, bots, etc... Splunk is the engine which processes our rules, providing the data for our analysis.

How we measure your Performance

We take a different approach than many organizations. With over two decades of experience to draw from in performance engineering we have been able to define a set of patterns that appear in your HTTP logs that are indicative of performance issues.

This is not unlike taking your car in for emissions check where your car’s exhaust is monitored while a technician moves the engine through a defined cycle. The type and number of particulates present in the exhaust indicates issues that need to be addressed for proper performance of the car.

With LiteSquare, we are treating your application logs as the exhaust for your system. We then run a set of tests against the log data to uncover the existence of items that are leading to poor response times for your users and slow responsiveness from your web servers.