Speeding up Mobile

How do you speed up the mobile user experience when you already have monitoring, diagnostics, and load testing?

We take an objective, scientific approach to analyzing your mobile users to find out where they are spending time on your origin servers. It is only by examining where the time is currently being spent on the most distant servers from the user that recommendations can be made to improve your user experience on the mobile device, often without code changes. This is what separates our service from others, this ability to analyze where time is being spent for 100% of your mobile population

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  • Mobile users are growing at Double Digit Percentages a year.
  • For eCommerce sites, Mobile users only convert at 1/3 rate (according to industry stats) of desktop users due to poor performance
  • Your marketing department is obsessed with getting Mobile Performance on par with Desktop to improve conversion rates for eCommerce and to reduce support helpdesk calls for internal apps
  • If you don’t normalize your mobile and desktop conversion rates your revenue will be impacted as your mobile population grows

Solving the riddle of mobile performance directly leads to happier end users

Don't ignore what your web tier is telling you about website performance. It is most likely the weakest link of your web architecture - and the easiest to improve!